Emiliano Juárez is considered among the best Blues guitar players in Mexico. 

Being one of the very few mexican Blues guitarists on an international level, he has traveled the world performing at important stages in America, Asia and Europe.


Emiliano Juárez is also recognized for teaching guitar lessons and conducting workshops and master classes in different countries, specially in Mexico where besides doing instructional activity, he produces tours, concerts and showcases inviting 

and backing up Blues and Soul international artists.


 As a musical instrument endorser, Emiliano Juárez has worked with the prestigious german brand HOHNER with their acoustic guitar line and actually belongs to the international artist catalogue of VEERKAMP, QUILTER AMPS and ERNIE BALL.



    •    World Harmonica Festival - Trossingen, GERMANY

    •    Frankfurt Music Messe - Frankfurt, GERMANY

    •    SXSW - Austin, TX 

    •    Riverfront Blues Festival - Wilmington, DE

    •    Golden Gate Festival - San Francisco, CA, U.S 

    •    Féte de la Musique - Bayone, FRANCE

    •    BluesCazorla Festival - Cazorla, SPAIN

    •    Welt Musik Festival - Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

    •    Himalayan Blues Festival - Kathmandú, NEPAL

    •    Eastwind Festival- New Delhi - INDIA

    •    Berlin Blues Festival - Berlin, GERMANY

    •    Riviera Maya Jazz Festival - Playa del Carmen, MEXICO

    •    Salvabluesjazz - Salvatierra, MEXICO

    •    Festival Internacional Jazzatlan - Cholula, MEXICO

    •    Bejar Blues Festival - Bejar, SPAIN

    •    Utah Blues Festival - St Lake City, UT

    •    Redwood City Blues Festival - Redwood City, CA, U.S

    •    Feria Internacional del Libro - CDMX, MEXICO

    •    Iberoamerica Blues Fest - CDMX, MEXICO

    •    Festival Internacional Afrocaribeño - Veracruz, MEXICO

    •    Jazzfrühling - Neubrandemburg, GERMANY

    •    Festival Aguas Blues - Aguascalientes, MEXICO

    •    Feria de San Marcos - Aguascalientes, MEXICO

    •    Czeslaw Niemen Amphitheatre - Olsztyn, POLAND 

    •    Ripassoil Blues - Verona, ITALY

    •    Bergmannstrasse Festival - Berlin, GERMANY

    •    Festival Brincadeira - Cambre, SPAIN

    •    Festival Feito a Mao - Compostela, SPAIN

    •    Festival Fisterra Blues - Finisterre, SPAIN

   •    Bridge Harmonica Festival - Torun, POLAND   

   •    Musica na Noite - Teo, SPAIN

   •    Blues no Sil - Barco de Valdeorras, SPAIN

   •    Festival Revenidas - Vilaxoan, SPAIN    

   •    Spiagge Soul Festival- Marina Di Ravena, ITALY

   •    Polanco Blues Festival - CDMX, MEXICO

   •    Feria de San Luis - San Luis Potosí, MEXICO 

   •    Festival del Desierto - Real de Catorce, MEXICO

   •    San Luis Blues Festival - San Luis Potosí, MEXICO

   •    Burlada Blues Festival - Burlada, SPAIN

   •    Zizurkil Blues Festival - Zizurkil, SPAIN 

   •    Festival de Jazz de Ezkarai - Ezkarai, SPAIN

   •    Kosciercyna Fest - Kosciercyna, POLAND

   •    Zary Fest - Zary, POLAND

   •    Wodzowo Festival - Wodzowo, POLAND

   •    Festival de Blues de Cáceres - Cáceres, SPAIN

   •    Schmölzer-Blues-Tage - Schmolz, GERMANY

   •    MDBF - Caxias Do Sul, BRAZIL

   •    Blues On The Beach Festival - Huatulco, MEXICO

   •    Kopenick Blues & Jazz Festival - Kopenick, GERMANY

   •    Lychee Music Fest - Punta Zicatela, MEXICO

   •    Festival Internacional Blues & Jazz - Zacatecas, MEXICO

   •    Festival Internacional de Puebla - Puebla, MEXICO

   •    Festival Internacional de Blues - Celaya, MEXICO

   •    Festival Primavera Funk - CDMX, MEXICO

   •    BH Soul Festival - Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL

   •    Virada Cultural - Saõ Paulo, BRAZIL

   •    Virada Cultural - Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL

   •    Juu Jaab Festival  - Muhu, ESTONIA

Emiliano Juárez was born in Mexico City and is one of the most well-respected mexican Blues guitarists today.

Self-taught musician with a deep passion and understanding of real Blues and Soul music, started playing professionally since he was a teenager. Since then and after constant self improvement and paying many dues along the way, he has made countless recording sessions and national and international tours with several of their projects and sharing stages with many renowned artists performing in several of the most important festivals, Blues & Jazz clubs, cultural venues, colleges, radio and TV shows in MEXICO, CANADA, U.S.A., SPAIN, FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, U.K, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, CUBA, URUGUAY, NEPAL, INDIA, COLOMBIA, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, CZECH REPUBLIC, AUSTRIA, PORTUGAL, ITALY and POLAND.

Emiliano Juárez has Indistinctly played, recorded and/or shared the bill with great artists such as:

Charlie Musselwhite, Rusty Zinn, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Otis Rush, Lady Bianca, Steve Freund, Guitar Shorty, 

Jerry Portnoy, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Cyrille Neville, Benny Golson, Paul Lamb, Otis Grand, Sharon Lewis, 

Enrico Crivellaro, Lou Donaldson, Will Blades, Rick Estrin, Kid Andersen, Rod Piazza, Los Reyes del K.O, Ñaco Goñi, 

The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Solomon Burke, Guitar Crusher, John Fohl, Johnny Sansome, Paul Orta, Sean Carney, 

Eddie Taylor Jr., Billy Branch, J.C Smith, Tonky de la Peña, Anson Funderburgh, Arrested Development, Status Quo, 

Calle 13, Ed Ivey, Flávio Guimarães, Freddie Roulette, Eric McFadden, The Dynatones, Reggie Houston, Sugar Blue, 

Dave Specter, Vino Lauden, Chico Banks, Igor Prado, Robson Fernandes, Nico Smoljan, Des Brown, Andy Serrano, 

Gustavo Andrade, Jimmy Burns, Lurrie Bell, Kedar Roy, Richard Innes, Fred Kaplan, Steve Guyger, Ivan Marcio, 

Nelson Lunding, Mark Hummel, Birdlegg, Alberto Colombo, Raphael Wressnig, Gary Clark Jr, Kirk Fletcher,

Nick Curran, Ana Popovic, Marcos Coll, Jorge Costales, Dai Gallo, Phil Miner, Adrian Costa, Tim Williams,

Leo Parra, Sandra Vasquez, Fer Ruvel, Lari Ruiz Velasco, David Rotundo, Dawn Tyler Watson, Tomy Espósito,

Quique Gómez, Nick Vigarino, Kenny ”Blues Boss” Wayne, Wendy DeWitt, Los Auténticos Decadentes,

Armando Rosas, Chris Rannenberg, Ultima Thule, Micha Maass, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Jaak Ahelik,

Matti Vaarman, Lee Oskar, Chris Cadell, Jimmy Bowskill, Tia Carroll, Ron Felton, David Kidda, Marty Dodson,

Bill Stuve, R.J. Mischo, Junior Watson, Sax Gordon.

Some of the international music festivals where he has performed:








Anson Funderburgh Band